Access to the building.

Accessibility at St Leonards can be a bit of a challenge as the church is very old and is positioned on the side of a hill. It also has a number of steps leading up to the main door and more inside leading up to the chancel. Accessibility is therefore rather a work in progress for us so please bear with us.

  • We have a more accessible friendly path that leads into the church via the west door in the tower. if you continue walking few yards, past the church steps and the vicarage then on your right you will see a break in the church wall and a path leading up to the church. The tower door is currently accessible prior to church services.
  • The whole of the nave and St Edmund's Chapel are fully accessible. Candles can be lit and prayers left in the chapel.


Visitors with mobility issues

  • There are allocated spaces for two wheelchairs in the body of the church for services and concerts.
  • There is a toilet suitable for wheelchair users, people using walking frames or crutches and families with young children or buggies. It is accessed towards the back of the church, next to the coffee bar. It also contains a changing mat should you need to change your baby's nappy.
  • During services and concerts side- people are always on hand to assist people with mobility issues to move around the church. If you need extra assistance please do not hesitate to ask when you first arrive.
  • Assistance dogs are always welcome and can be supplied with water if required.

Visitors with hearing issues

  • An induction loop is available in the church for services, concerts and talks. Hearing aid users should adjust their hearing aid to the T position.
  • Sunday sermons are also available on request should you wish to have a copy. 

Visitors with sight disabilities

  • Service booklets and hymn books are available in a larger print. Please ask on your arrival.
  • Weekly newsletters and parish magazines in a larger font can be sent via email to anyone who would prefer this.
  • Guide dogs are always welcome and can be supplied with water as required.

Visitors with children.

We do understand that children can get restless during a service or a concert.

  • Feel free to get up and move around the church, there is lots to look at to help distract a fretful little-one. 
  • There is a 'Kiddies Corner' towards the back of church that is supplied with colours and paper, books and a few toys. Please feel free to use these whenever you wish.
  • During term-time the is a Sunday School held in the choir vestry which your child is very welcome to attend, even if you are a visitor. 
  • During holiday times tables and chairs are added to the back of church, near the coffee bar with activities to keep children occupied during the service.

Visitors with adults with learning difficulties or additional needs.

We understand that anyone with  additional needs can at times become noisy or distressed. You and they are just as welcome in St Leonard's as everyone else. 

  • Sides people are on hand during services and concerts to offer whatever assistance they can 
  • Do ask for help should you need it.


The Parish of St Leonard, Hythe 

Oak Walk 



CT21 5DN