General Election Hustings 2019

St Leonards church viewed from the southFor the 2019 General Election, St Leonard's church is hosting a "Hustings," which is a public forum in which the election candidates address the voters of their constituency, and the audience has an opportunity to question the candidates. 

Our Hustings will be on Monday December 9th, in St Leonard's church, Hythe. Click here for full details of how to find us, but please note if you're coming by car, we expect the event to be very busy, so please don't drive into Oak Walk. The town car parks at Military Road and Mount Street are only a few minutes' walk from St Leonard's.

Candidates confirmed to attend are 

Damian Collins MP (Conservative), Laura Davison (Labour), Simon Bishop (Liberal Democrat), Georgina Treloar (Green). These four candidates are listed in descending order of their vote-share in the most recent general election, in 2017.

UKIP, which came third in the last election, is not fielding a candidate in this election. Candidates are also standing in 2019 from the Young People's Party, the Social Democratic Party, and the Socialist Party of Great Britain, and an Independent candidate is also standing. In order to make the event manageable, we have chosen not to invite independent candidates, nor those whose parties did not attract more than 1% of the vote last time.

The event will be run as follows:

6:30 pm Doors open at St Leonard's church. A bar will serve refreshments, staffed by volunteers from the Friends of St Leonard's. Our event volunteers will be collecting questions for the Election candidates in writing. Questions will be grouped and counted by event volunteers, so that we know how many people want to ask questions about, say, education, the economy, the NHS, local issues, and so on. 

7:30 pm Hustings begin with an allocated time for each candidate to make an introductory statement. Then questions will be taken from the floor in an open question session. A moderator will choose the most popular question-subjects, give a brief introduction to the issues being raised in audience questions, and then invite one person to ask their question on each subject. Each candidate will then be invited to answer that specific question, and then briefly discuss the subject in general.

Open questions will continue for about an hour, after which each candidate will be allocated equal time to give a brief closing statement.

9pm will be the close of the event.

The Parish of St Leonard, Hythe 

Oak Walk 



CT21 5DN