News from the Hythe Hub Covid-19 response team

We received this update from the Hythe Hub on the 8th May:

A community hub in Hythe was set up in just 48 hours and to date have 37,485 contacts with residents in and around Hythe, including more than 12,000 wellness calls on behalf of GP practices, in a month. 

Since opening phone lines on 19 March, the team at the Hythe Community Hub, which is the main point of contact for those living in the area who need support during the Covid-19 pandemic, has: 

made over 13,883 wellness calls on behalf of local GP surgeries working in partnership with the New Romney and Folkestone Hubs
answered 11,485 incoming calls
delivered 4,750 hot meals
made an additional 4,561 outgoing calls
completed 1179 shopping trips 
helped deliver 973 prescriptions. 

Seventy one people received benefits advice, 51 people needed help with hearing aids, 42 onward referrals were made to other services, 15 food parcels were delivered to households in need and 12 dogs set up with walks. 

The hub received 366 applications from volunteers, from which it has already built a volunteer workforce of 245, with more people getting in touch to join the ever-growing army of people giving their time to help others every day.

The hub is specifically supporting Oaklands Health Centre, Sun Lane Surgery, The Surgery - Lyminge, and New Lyminge Surgery by contacting the practices’ patients who are over 70 and those who are being ‘shielded’ because of their vulnerability to Covid-19. 

It has also been supporting patients from other practices in the Folkestone and New Romney are. 

The wellbeing calls the hub team made in the first two weeks meant local GP practices were not inundated with calls from patients worried about getting their medicines. 

This in turn meant practice telephone lines and appointments remained free for patients needing to speak with a GP or nurse.

As a partnership between charities, local authorities and GP practices, the hub is not only helping people with their immediate needs but establishing connections and network that’s forming a support system that is needed beyond ‘lockdown’ and the pandemic.

The speed at which the Hythe Community Hub came in to being is testament to the local community spirit and organisations involved. 

A meeting was held on the 17 March and Age UK were up and running by the 19 March. Around 10,000 leaflets organised were printed and delivered to residents in just 48 hours.

Kent County Council’s and Hythe Town Council’s Councillor Martin Whybrow set up the initial meeting which led to the formation of the hub.

The Parish of St Leonard, Hythe 

Oak Walk 



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